Thursday, 3 May 2012

Where to Stay in Glasgow

I went to Glasgow for the first time last fall to have a look around and to see kd lang in concert (more about her in another installment). It was a great trip. We stayed two nights at a hotel called Citizen M. This is a concept hotel, which I think works really well. The one in Glasgow looks like a black box from the outside. The interior hallways leading to the rooms are not plush and the first thing you notice is that the doors are much closer together than other hotels. The rooms are nicely appointed, small, high-tech, and they provide nothing more than what you need...with one exception. You can change the lighting color in the ceiling panel of the shower, which is enclosed in a frosted glass wall visible from all parts of the room. You can change the hue of your room from green to red to blue to lavender to gold. Hours of fun. And it's done with a universal remote control, which also controls the lights, the blinds and the TV. Each room has a very large picture window under which the bed stretches from one wall to the other. It's a bit awkward having the bed surrounded on three sides, but the mattress is very comfortable.

The common spaces in the hotel are decorated with sleek modern furniture, but not the sort of modern furniture that makes you think 'how the hell do you sit on that?! Is it actually to sit on, or is it a plant stand?' There are oddly shaped chairs, but there are also comfy sofas and benches. The color scheme is bold: white, black and red. There are several big screen TVs and big screen Macs in the computer area to use. There are coffee table books about art and music and pop culture everywhere and it's clear they are meant to be perused. And there is a lounge and snack bar which is comfy and inviting. 

Anyway, folks, if you ever find yourself in one of the cities where Citizen M operates, try it. I can't wait to go back to Glasgow and explore the city again, and I look forward to another stay at the same quirky, affordable, luxurious-in-all-the-right-ways hotel. 

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