Thursday, 17 February 2011

Demolition is Fun

Hi all.

Demolition is a lovely word. I got rid of a built-in bookcase which
took up too much space in our wee sitting room, and was, in fact, completely useless. It took a bit of muscle to get it out of there. I thought for a minute it might actually have doubled as a bomb shelter, so soundly was it constructed. Alas, the club hammer and pry bar proved too much for it in the end.

Do you know what I found had fallen behind and under the bookcase? Some neatly typed notes from the local Temperance Committee, circa 1952. I think that lends some credence to my notion that the interior of the house has not been updated since roughly the stone age. At any rate, I'm sure you'll be happy to know that the ladies were working diligently to 'counteract the superstition that the coming of a New Year must be celebrated in whisky.'

Alas, the whisky industry outlived the Temperance movement. Actually, the bookcase outlived it as well. Let's drink to that.


Notice the fireplace just to the left of the former bookcase. Can you guess what happened to all that scrap wood?

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